Custom Study Assistance

Custom Crunch-Time Help – from Thanksgiving through December 24th. The end of the semester/quarter is officially crunch-time, both for students and teachers. This is when I see students stumbling around the halls, with red eyes and expressions of warmed-over death. It’s no wonder. With the end of the semester and the holidays right around the corner, there are papers due, final exams coming up, and a semester’s worth of knowledge to synthesize in a short amount of time. With Crunch-Time Help, you’ll get study tips, pep talks, and motivation strategically placed around deadlines for your classes — tailored to your class schedule and to your study habits. An important note is that this is not tutoring. I do plan to offer something in the future that’s more hands-on. Custom Crunch-Time Help is mainly for motivation, strategies for studying, and support. Here’s how it works:

1)      First, you’ll email me a copy of your syllabus for each of your classes (up to 5)

2)      Next, you’ll make sure that I have your email address and a phone number where I can leave voicemail messages for you. You’ll receive both voicemail messages and email reminders from me to help you plan that research paper, study for that test, and take a rest in the midst of it all.  A special note: I hate spammers, and I promise not to share your information with them (or anyone else, for that matter). In fact, you won’t even be added to the Student in the States mailing list, unless you make a separate request.

3)      Third, send me an email to let me know a little bit about how you study. Do you cram the night before a test? Do you study on the weekends, or every afternoon? I’ll ask you about your biggest challenges. Do you always procrastinate? Do you have test anxiety? Do you have trouble concentrating during class? I’ll time my messages to help you when you need it most – and to help you overcome your biggest challenges.

4)      I’ll use the deadlines,  the description of your study habits, and information on your syllabus to send you messages to help you get started on that paper or study for that test. I’ll send pep talks before test day and reminders to relax and get good rest, and I’ll send messages to give you tips on concentrating for an 8am class, staying calm during an essay exam, or conquering procrastination. Hopefully (if I do a good job!), you’ll feel supported, encouraged,  motivated, and ready to get through crunch-time as easily as possible.

Cost: $40 (messages during crunch-time only)

Custom Study Assistance Throughout the Semester – Coming in January

Starting the week of January 5th, I’ll also offer study assistance for the full semester. This will be similar to what you receive for crunch-time. However, I’ll be able to give you reminders earlier. I can help you to use the beginning-of-the-semester energy to help make life easier later in the semester.  I can also help you get motivated again after spring-break.

Cost: $65  (full semester or two quarters)

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