Acing Your English Class: A Free Download

In Tools on June 11, 2009 at 10:00 am


I’m introducing a new tool in the Tools section of the website today. It’s a free guide with 5 pieces of advice for international students. The tips are designed to help you with English classes, but many can help with your other classes as well. In creating this little list, I drew on worries that I’ve heard from international students and my experiences as an English instructor to look for solutions that might help you do better on your papers, beat procrastination, and prevent mis-communication with instructors about what is expected in class. I hope it’s useful for you!

There are two ways to download the guide:

1) Just click here for the free download.

2) You can also access the guide in the Tools section of the site. Just click on TOOLS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. The guide is the second free tool “created by Kathryn.” Click the link, and the pdf file will download. You can also explore other free resources for international students on this page — and learn about more tools that are in the works.



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