Student in the States has Returned

In general, international student news on May 18, 2009 at 4:47 pm


I began the blog a little over a year ago, as I was planning a social networking site for international students. Unfortunately, problems with the web design and the US economy slowed our progress—and for a while, I thought I might have to abandon the project altogether. We’re back, though, with a simpler design and hopefully lots of useful information for international students. Here’s a brief tour:


The Blog
The blog (here) will have one post each week. Posts will include tips for international students getting through school, advice for writing in English, and ideas for student life (including how to live inexpensively in the US).

The Social Networking Site Designed for International Students
It’s like Facebook, only it’s just for international students. The design of the site is far less ambitious (and snazzy-looking) than I’d originally hoped, but it’s functional and ready for use. I hope this can become a place for you to meet other international students and support each other as you adjust to life in the US.   (more…)

Tools for International Students
This section will grow steadily over the next 6-12 months. To start, I’ve included some free information and programs that can help international students with writing and student life, and I’ll be unrolling new tools that I’m creating just for you. As we move forward, I also hope to learn what tools you’d like to see here and how I can help you. Full disclosure: Some of these will be for sale to help make it possible for me to keep the site going and to continue to make improvements, but I will not promote what is for sale more than once a month, and I’ll always look for free tools as well.

This is the plan for Student in the States. I hope it’s useful and that you enjoy the site. Thank you!



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