National Public Radio for International Students

In general, procrastination on September 17, 2008 at 2:49 am
www.npr.com - National Public Radio

http://www.npr.com - National Public Radio

If you’re taking summer classes and still find yourself battling the Procrastination Monster, you might want to check out NPR’s special show on procrastination. Experts give some amazing insight into the role that perfectionism plays in procrastination — and why procrastination is quite different from laziness.

How to Use National Public Radio (NPR) to Improve English Speaking and Listening

On another note, students who want to become better speakers and listeners often ask me what I’d recommend they do to improve their English and vocabulary– and National Public Radio is usually on the top of my list of recommendations. Why? Well, the radio forces us to really listen to the language — and, while many radio stations can use less-than-perfect grammar or words that rarely strengthen vocabulary, National Public Radio has great grammar, excellent pronunciation, and vocabulary that can be very useful — both in conversation and academic writing.

National Public Radio stations can be found anywhere in the country. If you’re not sure which station to tune into in your city, visit this site to find out. If you’d like to listen to NPR shows on your iPod or computer, visit this site to find a list of programs to download.


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