Hate taking notes? Try these tools–

In organization on September 17, 2008 at 4:05 am

I ran across a post on Lifehacker today that gives some of the most exciting tools I’ve seen so far this year for note-taking in class. Check it out:

Lifehacker’s “Back to School Power Tools for the Savvy Student

I’m especially excited about the tool for getting notes from a whiteboard as the teacher is writing. One word of caution, though: sometimes (especially if you’re a visual learner) the act of taking notes can help you remember the material later for a test. If this sounds like you, don’t stop taking notes just yet. Still, you never know when you might need to grab that stuff on the board fast (before your teacher erases it!). Also, check out some of the textbook-buying tools. The post has a nice collection of tools!


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